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Hey, I'm Angela!

Doula, Photographer, Mother

3 things you need to know about me. I laugh until I cry, food is my love language, and I'm happy you're here!

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I began my journey into birth work during my own pregnancy as I really began to let go of cultural expectations and tune into the strength women posses as they journey into motherhood. My perspective quickly shifted from viewing birth as a medical event to deeply knowing it as a natural and normal event that deserves reverence and to be celebrated. As a doula, I get to help women discover their own strength, overcome fears that stand in their way, and hold them as they bring life into the world.



For as long as I can remember, I have loved to create things. Photography quickly became my favorite outlet of creativity.  I get to meet some of the most amazing people and love making them feel comfortable behind the lens. It brings me so much joy being able to capture intimate moments for families and share my art with all of you. Birth, maternity, newborn, family, lifestyle, studio, outdoors.. I love it all!



We know that it takes a village to raise children. It also takes a community to hold each other up. Some days it's hard to reach out for help, but I've learned there is light that comes from leaning on others. As a part of this incredible birth community I get to witness women turning to others for guidance, help, and friendship. I strive to build upon this village one mother, one family at a time.



We have three amazing daughters, and I feel absolutely blessed that God chose us to raise girls. Motherhood is about growth and slowing down at the same time. I believe that everything I am learning along this journey is to guide them and the next generation of women toward understanding just how incredible our bodies are and how transformative birth really is.


My Perspective

I believe that birth carries a woman into motherhood. Imagine riding into your next phase of life feeling empowered and joyful. The next generation of birthing women deserve to experience the feeling of being in control of their birth. Birth is instinctual, it's transformational, and it's meant to be respected.

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My Story

I am married to the most incredible man who holds our family together. We are Wisconsin natives who relocated to the desert in 2019. Between balancing work and three kids, I find peace in long Saturdays at the soccer fields and packing up the car for a full day at the park.

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