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Doula Support

By your side through pregnancy into motherhood.

You are built for birth. As your doula I am here to remind you of that. My role is to guide you as you prepare for birth. I bring years of experience to answer questions and settle any fears. I am at your side through labor, ensuring you and your partner feel safe and confident. I want you to go into your birth knowing what you are capable of, unafraid of what is ahead, and ready to bring life into this amazingly beautiful world. 

Doula Support: Services

What is a Doula?

The word DOULA means "woman's servant".

A labor doula provides continuous informational, emotional, and physical support for a woman through pregnancy, birth, and into motherhood.

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Benefits of having a Doula

*according to Evidence Based Birth analysis of a 2017 Cochrane Review

1. Decreased risk of having a Cesarean
2. Increased likelihood of spontaneous vaginal birth
3. Lower use of pain relieving medications
4. Decreased time of labor
5. Increased satisfaction of birth

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Your birth is worth investing in.

Doula Package


  • 2 prenatal meetings during pregnancy to prepare for birth

  • text & phone support through pregnancy

  • on-call support from 38-42 weeks

  • continuous in-person support during labor until about 2 hours after birth

  • 1 postpartum meeting 

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Doula & Birth Photo


  • all services included in the "doula package"

  • 75+ high resolution digital photographs of the birth

  • $50 discount on other photography sessions

Doula & Birth Video


  • all services included in the "doula package"

  • 4-7 minute birth film of the birth

  • $50 discount on other photography sessions

Doula Support: Price List

"Even after doing so much prep work for our birth nothing could replace her calm and steady hand throughout my labor and delivery. She is so knowledgeable and was able to answer any questions we had. She read our situation SO well and always provided exactly what we needed in the moment. My husband tells all his friends to hire a doula now after experiencing her incredible support. We are so grateful and know our experience turned out so positive thanks to Angela!!"

Cassidy, First Time Mom

Doula Support: Testimonials

"Angela laughed with us and was a gentle voice when I needed encouragement.  She gave my husband ideas and breaks when he needed and she helped me get in a position to rotate baby when my labor stalled. I can’t say enough about her and her beautiful pictures she took! She’s really the full package."

Meagan, First Time Mother

Doula Support: Testimonials
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