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Placenta Encapsultion

Balanced healing for postpartum.

Placenta consumption has been reported to aid in postpartum healing by improving a mother's mood and energy, increasing milk production, reducing healing time, and balancing hormones and nutrients. 

Placenta: Services


Your healing is worth investing in.

Balance Package


  • Placenta picked up from birth location

  • Includes capsules, cord keepsake, and tincture

  • Addition of 2 healing herbs to your capsules

  • Capsules dropped off to your home

Healing Package


  • Placenta picked up from birth location

  • Includes capsules and cord keepsake

  • Capsules dropped off to your home

Placenta: Price List


How many capsules will I get and how long do they last?

This depends on the amount of capsules your placenta creates. The size of your placenta, the method in which it is processed, and if you add any herbs all affect the total amount of capsules. The average amount is around 115 capsules. 

If stored properly the capsules can last for about 4 months on the counter and then can be stored in the freezer. 

Can I still consume my placenta if it is stained with meconium from the birth?

Yes! Majority of the time the staining is on the fetal side of the placenta within the amniotic sac. Before the dehydration stage the placenta is thoroughly washed and the amniotic sac is completely removed. The placenta is then processed at a food grade level and is safe for consumption.

Why are there so many mixed views on placenta consumption?

Just like any food or vitamins, consumption is a completely personal preference. Those who are opposed are often skeptical because of the lack of scientific studies behind it. However, many women have consumed their placentas and report amazing benefits. The key is to making sure it's done right.

Can I still consume my placenta if I am GBS+?

Yes! Your placenta will be processed properly at a food grade level so there will be zero trace of GBS when it is finished.

Placenta: FAQ
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