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My Perspective

I believe that birth carries a woman into motherhood. Imagine riding into your next phase of life feeling empowered and joyful. The next generation of birthing women deserve to experience the feeling of being in control of their birth. Birth is instinctual, it's transformational, and it's meant to be respected.

My Story: About

About Me

I began my journey in January of 2020 when I was 6 months postpartum with our second child. During my pregnancy with her I realized just how much our culture lacked the intuitive wisdom of birth. My perspective quickly shifted from viewing birth as a medical event to deeply knowing it as a natural and normal event that deserves reverence and to be celebrated. 

I now have three amazing daughters, and I feel absolutely blessed that God chose me to raise girls. I believe that everything I am learning along this journey is to guide them and the next generation of women toward understanding just how incredible our bodies are and how transformative birth really is. 

My Story: About Me
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